Charity Helps Protect North American Truck Drivers and Their Families in Time of Crisis is an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) Charity with Mission focus on reuniting North American Truck Drivers and their family in times of crisis. The organization's four programs aid all CDL holders in the course of their employment or self employment.

Each year, nearly 1,000 Commercial Truck Drivers are killed in (truck) transportation related accidents and nearly 20,000 are injured and/or suffer emergency medical episodes. is the largest known Charity of it's type and scope for Truck Drivers and their families in North America operating 24 hours a day from their offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have four unique programs committed to reuniting these North American Truck Driver's with their family in times of crisis.

"The one question always asked in the Trucking Industry is "Honey, what if something happens while your out on the road?" is providing an answer to that decades old question."

Robert Palm, Truckers Final Mile

Program 1 will provide immediate air transportation, lodging, and ground transport as needed to the next of kin of a Driver should he/she perish away from home as a result of any cause. Example; should a Driver from Denver die in a crash in Atlanta, would confirm the event, usually within four hours, and make the necessary arrangements to fulfill our Mission. would also make arrangements to transport the Drivers remains to his/her home city.

Program 2 will provide the same as needed travel as above, less remains, in event of serious job related injury, or any other injury that befalls the Driver while on the road. This could include injury from falling freight, injury resulting from attempted robbery, and such.

Program 3 will also provide that same service to the Driver's family should the Driver suffer a major medical episode away from the home. These episodes may include heart attact, stroke, and/or any DOT disqualifying medical event.

Program 4 would provide benefit to the Driver, should any of these crisis occur to the Drivers family at home, will get that Driver home immediately.

The one question always asked in the Trucking Industry is "Honey, what if something happens while your out on the road?" is providing an answer to that decades old question.

These services are provided free to all North American Truck Drivers. Whether a U.S Driver operating in Canada, a Canadian Driver operating in the U.S., or a Mexican Driver operating in the U.S. Any CDL holder (or equivelent) in the course of their employment or self employment and their family qualifies. As an example: one could be a long haul over the road Tractor Trailer Driver, a utility repair person providing mutual aid after a storm to a far away community, or a long distance for hire motor coach operator. is a donation based charity. We are actively seeking donations and Corporate Sponsors to help us fulfill this crucial Mission.  Our need is great, as is that of those receiving that notification right now that something has happened out there on the road!

We do not discriminate in any way. The only way we ever deny service would be because of a lack of funds.

Our website, is in depth with detailed information on our programs, our policies, and our structural documentation.

Donations can be made on the website itself, at , at, or by regular mail to truckersfinalmile, P.O. Box 53624, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87153. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.