Charity Assists North American Truck Drivers and Their Families In Crisis is an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) Charity with Mission focus on reuniting North American Truck Drivers and their family in times of crisis. Our four programs aid all CDL holders in the course of their employment or self employ.

"Honey, what if something happens while you’re out on the road?"

The all too familiar question in households of the North American Truck Driver. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration statistics show that more than 800 Commercial Truck Drivers are killed in an accident each year. As many as 20,000 more are injured severely enough to be transported by ambulance.

You never expect the unexpected, but when it happens life is thrown into chaos and you are suddenly alone. When you wake up in the recovery room, and no one is there, and if they can't get there, then you are really alone.

Robert Palm, Founder

These statistics are only counting U.S. based Commercial Truck Drivers. In todays on time delivery logistics markets, international boundaries are generally erased. For example, a Commercial Truck Driver from Canada may be transporting freight down to, say, Laredo, Texas, while his/her Mexican counterpart is delivering another load of freight also into Laredo. Many U.S. based Truckers will and do operate quite freely throughout Canada.

In addition to only compiling the statistics for U.S. based Drivers, what may not be taken into account are deaths caused by murder, suicides, truck hijacking,  natural causes, and more. If the statistic shown only accounts for injuries sustained in a collision, what of those that are injured by falling freight, dock mishaps, falling on ice, and of course, those that suffer medical emergencies such as heart attack or stroke?

So, "Honey, what if something happens while you’re out on the road?" becomes an issue that is not even discussed in the home. It's risk, it's luck; and it's brutal if one had just paid all the bills for this month. Because the numbers are most certainly a higher reality than the statistics show. is an IRS recognized 501 (C) (3) Charity Organization tasked with the distinct Mission of reuniting North American Truck Drivers and their Family in times of Crisis.

They have four specific programs to help North American Truck Drivers and their family should the "what if" occur. More in depth information on these programs can be found on their website at . A summary of these Programs includes:

Program 1: Addresses the death of a Commercial Truck Driver, on the road, away from home. This program would provide immediate travel arrangements for the Drivers next of kin to the city where the incident occurred, up to five days lodging, and ground transportation as well. This benefit would also cover a traveling companion of the next of kins choosing, and transportation of the Drivers remains home.

Program 2: Offers the same travel arrangements as Program 1, above, less transportation of remains. These benefits are in cases where a Truck Driver, on the road away from home is severely injured and thus hospitalized as a result. Transportation home for the Driver is also provided for in this program.

Program 3: This program provides all of the above benefits should a Commercial Truck Driver experience an emergency medical episode such as heart attack, stroke, or other major medical issue. Transportation home for the Driver is also provided.

Program 4: Perhaps the most unique, this program provides immediate transportation home, should any crisis such as those mentioned befall his/her family at home. No truck, trailer, nor load securement is available, but with open communication lines, arrangements are sure to appease an employer in order to expedite the Driver home.

With a staff available 24 hours a day, most instances and requests are verified within their goal of a four hour window.

truckersfinalmile hopes to soon add two more Programs, one which would retrofit the homes of Drivers for special accommodation needs, and another which will provide cash assistance to next of kin of Drivers that have perished away from home. Additionally, any future hiring would give preference to Drivers that had lost their career due to injury. was Founded in 2014 by Robert Palm, a 32 year veteran of the Trucking Industry and current Over the Road Truck Driver, with his wife Jeanine, and an all volunteer Board of Directors. Robert has experiences in these matters after being severely injured in a truck crash in 1997, and when he was hospitalized away from home in 2010 with a ruptured appendix.

The Charity is unique to the Truck Driving Industry. As the industry itself is unique. Any person that holds a Commercial Drivers License, or Canadian or Mexican equivalent, in the course of his/her employment or self employment will qualify. And its not just Tractor Trailer Drivers. It could be the lineman from the next town over providing mutual aid assistance after a storm, a first day Driver, or a multi-million mile experienced Driver. The CDL (or equivalent) is the only qualification.

Many can help with any size financial contribution. And there is no need to be a Commercial Truck Driver to donate! is also seeking corporate sponsors for their programs. By doing so, the assurance of peace of mind to families of North American Truck Drivers who will know that "if something happens on the road" that there is a resource available to help.

Donations can be made to truckersfinalmile on their website at, on, and they are on but one must enter truckersfinalmile in the search bar. Interested parties can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook/ and checks or money orders can be mailed to truckersfinalmile, 3011-R Coors Blvd., N.W. #293, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120. Mr. Palm also invites email inquiries at